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Im about to start buying bits for a home cinema the problem is i dont know weather to go with the Panasonic SCHT17 surround system or build my own speaker set and amp, i wouldnt know where to start, what do i need and what specs? Thanks so much for any help.


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whats your budget...?

Room size...?



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Max around £1500 for the sound setup. Room is about 10ft by 10ft


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Iv just been looking at this,

what would i need to get this up and running, im guessing some front speakers left, right and centre and left right surround at about 150W 6 ohm, and then i can add any sub via the sub pre out, is all that right? Thanx

Ian J

Nice amp that :thumbsup:

You will need the five speakers that you listed and a subwoofer whilst not strictly necessary with full range speakers is highly desirable anyway.

If your budget of £1,500 includes the amplifier you won't be leaving very much for speakers if you buy that one.

My allocation of the funds would be more along the lines of £500 for the amp and £1,000 for the speakers which I think would result in a better balance.


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Any recommendations on speakers, guess i will just have to save up a bit longer then :). That amp has all the connections i want and will need. I just need to find the right speakers for it and a nice sub as i like very heavy bass.

Just been looking through other threads and found these for a similar amp, - THX

Any good? I had no idea it was so hard finding the right setup, no wonder i was at first looking for a package.

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