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Please help!!!


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Ok, I have been given permission by the Boss (Misses) to purchase a gaming laptop. My budget is £1100 and I quite like the look of this.

MSI GT60 2PC Dominator Gaming Laptop - Laptops | Ebuyer.com

My only concern with this is it only has a 5400rpm HDD, will this cause me any problems when gaming?

I'm not to concerned about having to wait an extra few seconds for boot up ect.

If this is a problem I can purchase an ssd and install it myself, am I right in thinking it would be this type of ssd? Will this fit?

Kingston 120GB SSDNow V300 2.5inch SSD | Ebuyer.com

My only concern with this is once the ssd is fitted how will I move windows from the HDD on to the ssd?

Any help you can give will be appreciate, if you can advise on a different laptop I am open to suggestions.

Thank you.



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Whats your requirement for specs on a gaming laptop?

Are you wanting one for the power to game as well as looks or just power suffice?

I just spec'd a custom built gaming laptop on scan - Link- 15.6" gaming laptop with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics - 3XS

Same Cpu as the MSI one, different gpu, 16gb ram rather than 8, 500gb ssd as opposed to the 1tb 5400rpm drive in the msi.

Comes in at just over 1k so budget for extra's like decent mouse etc too.. :D

I would look about for one and unless your wanting the alien ship looking machines then scan & overclockers do a nice range of gaming machines as does Novatech & pcspecialist.


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Sorry Razer, I just edited my post above. If I'm honest I do want something that looks good as well as plays good.

Silly I know but what can you do!


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I've been gaming on a 5900rpm desktop drive for the last six years and not had any problems. Of course for that time SSDs weren't standard equipment, I don't know how heavily they'll be used in future.

I suspect that you may find one or two visual options requiring an SSD, but I think it very unlikely to actually stop you playing the game.

That laptop can apparently come with an SSD, so there's a good chance you can add one later if the laptop isn't completely sealed.

spyder viewer

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there's various software to migrate the OS from a HD to an SSD. Try the Easeus range. that's what I did.


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I did look at an unboxing video and the guy did add an ssd without any problems. My only concern would be how I move windows on to the SSD.

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