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    Please could anyone offer any advice.
    Have just got pioneer SE DIR800C headphones and am looking forward to conecting to philips crt tv i and philips freeview box in bedroom. However, not sure how to go about this.

    The tv has headphone socket +1 video (red) and 1 audio (white) socket as well as 1 scart.
    The freeview box has also a scart for the tv and one for video and R(red) and L (white) sockets. There is also a digital and serial socket.
    The base for the headphones has the R and L +coax and optical port.

    I have a coaxial digital cable and audio cable for connection but still can not work out how to connect them.....although everything seems to be connected and on, the sound still comes from the tv and nothing from the headphones. Am getting very frustrated as have been at it for ages!!

    I wonder whether any forum members would be able to help me out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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