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Please Help

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Arshad, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. Arshad


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    The E box for the New Philips 42FD9954(42PF9965) cannot accept progressive through it's componet input, it is inlerlace only component input and the reason Philips company gave was that there is a Pixel Plus chip in the E box so progressive signal and the Pixel Plus cannot be used together. That's how the pixel plus works I guess in fact, it cannot accept any progressive signal only interlace if used with the E box.

    But there are some inputs on the panel itself and the Philips told me that If I want to use the progressive scan function on my dvd player I need to directly connect it to the panel and not to the E box. He also pointed out that the component input on the plasma panel itself can accept progressive and HD TV signal of 480p, 576p, 720p and 1080i.

    Interlaced component
    a.k.a. component; Y, Pb, Pr; 480i

    Progressive component
    a.k.a. component; Y, Cb, Cr; 480p

    Broadband component
    a.k.a. component; Y, Cb, Cr; wideband component; 1080i; HDTV

    I found this on the CNET.com

    So the progressive component would be Y, Cb, Cr. Correct?

    The interlace component would be Y, Pb, Pr. Correct?

    G/Y, B/Pb, R/Pr is written write next to the inputs for the component input on the 42PF9965(42FD9954) panel which is available here.

    But I found this on the UK website that it is written as G/Y/Y, B/Pb/Cb, R/Pr/Cr. So shouldn't it be written like this if it can support both interlace and progressive?

    Any Suggestions?


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