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    i would really appreciate any help , you see i have just purchased magix on 2.0 [email protected] i imported through my dv camcorder i edited and deleted scenes , and added transitions . when i came to start a new project in adobe encore it did not recognise file as avi i now no that you have to render and encode wich is not what i want . i have pinnacle expressions wich i tried . i did the same with this software and it automaticly saved it as a avi file the problem with this software is it only gives me one transition to use (fade only )it is i guess pretty basic but it saved me time with auto avi , my question is can anyone tell me if there is a package around wich will do what i want i have a budget of £100. any help would be appreciated . thanks
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    Rainham Essex
    Hi Dennis,
    I hope I can help with some of you questions!
    I have had a quick look at the software you mentioned that you use to
    capture and edit your footage. This software looks quiet comprehensive and
    should be able to create the file format that you require (AVI) or whatever
    It is normally down to setting the programme settings at the start of the
    project. I don't actually use the software but the 'settings' menu should be
    along the top of the screen or a pop up window when you first open the
    programme. You should have options as to the capture file type etc. You
    should at the end have options for file type to save the final project. You
    normally get a new window open with options to where to save the file, what
    the file is called and then below that a file type option with a drop down
    list. Click on that list and select the file type be it AVI or whatever.
    By the look of the review I looked at you can do all the above and create
    the final DVD with chapters and menu all within the one programme so no
    swapping between different progs.

    I hope all the above is of some help. If you require any further help then
    please feel free to ask, but it may also be helpful to ask these questions
    in a new thread on the forum as many others that have perhaps used the same
    software will be able to help.

    Good luck,

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