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Due to me living in small EU country(Croatia) TV offers are not great. I managed to pull out some models and their current best prices available and I'd like some pointers as to why certain model might be worth it over all others.

My use will mostly be watching movies/series probably from Prime/Netflix/"sourced content". Next in line would be watching endurance racing, then maybe I'll fire up a game or two from PC(most likely FS19/22, potential ACC/iRacing), and this probably won't push above 4k60 due to PC specs.. No console gaming planned whatsoever. I am aiming for 55" models, though for my viewing distance(4-4.5m) bigger TV might be better but i think I'd rather get higher quality picture.

My initial budget was 600EUR, and I would have like to stick as close to that. But there are some interesting options that pushed budget as high as 865EUR. I currently do not have a TV in my room and other TVs in the house do not exceed 40" entry level models. So pretty much anything would be huge "upgrade" but I'd still like the best option for the next few years.
  1. Sony KE-55XH9096 - 740EUR - somewhat my favorite(FALD, Android TV, i kind of like colors on Sony) until I discovered number 8
  2. Phillips 58PUS8545 - 600EUR Samsung Q55Q60T - 630EUR
  3. Samsung 55TU8502 - 560EUR
  4. TCLs 55P725 and 55C815 - 600EUR - I know they're nowhere near US models, waiting for quote on C825 but I don't expect it to be less than 950EUR
  5. Sony KE-55XH8096 - 660EUR
  6. Sony KE-55XG9505 - 780EUR - exhibition model and store is not the most reputable one, I'd rather not deal with them in case of issues.
  7. Sony KD-55AG8 - 865 EUR - this is another exhibition model with tiny scratch. Apparently everything else is fine with the model, standard 2y warranty, might be able to get extended for free/really cheap.
  8. Hisense 55U7QF - 530EUR and 55U8QF - 740EUR - I kind of don't like UI, though 5y warranty
Now my primary question is this. Is AG8 still worth it over all other models including XH90 in 2021? I planned on visiting shop today to check that scratch in person but unfortunately won't be able to spare 3 hours. In worst case I assume I can just return it back. Next cheapest options would be LG OLED55A13 for 935EUR(although store gives free 70EUR wallmount, which i have already) but even with that AG8 mentioned I pushed budget to extreme. Would it be wiser to pick relatively cheap U7QF and stick with it until Black Friday or next year clearance sales and then pick up much better OLED(assuming that prices will continue to go down, and obviously budget would grow to about 1100 which puts me in range for LG 55C11 even at current pricing?
Thanks in advance to anyone chiming in with any advice.


Take a look at my guide here:

TVs are separated by class, model numbers are similar year to year.

So for example, the Sony AG8 is not far off the newer A8 and the XG9505 is not far off the new XH9505. These two TVs are high tier models, whilst the others are mostly low tier, or in the case of the Sony XH90096, mid tier.

The guide has a prefix to each section explaining what you get extra, I find it hard to recommend anyone buying something less than high tier, since these are the only TVs that can properly display HDR without problems. The guide doesn't include any 2021-22 models yet as they are usually overpriced (like the LG A1 or C1). 1100 aint bad for the C1 for this time of year though.

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