Please help with location issue.



Firstly Hi to everyone :)

I currently have a 42" rpj television. Now whilst this is fine for everyday use, I need something to provide a 'wow' factor when watching movies.

I've decieded to get a PJ, and ive got my heart set on a Z2. Now my problem is simply location. I've got one of the most annoying shape rooms ever.

Can you guys, give possible solutions as to where I can place the PJ.

I was thinking of putting it in front of the fireplace, but the throw distance would only be approx 8.5ft then.

Could you please give your opinions, and possible solutions to this impossible shape room.

And also, being new to this game, do you have any links to good PJ retailers, so that I can make my purchase.

Please excuse the crude drawing, but you should get an idea of what im talking about. If you want any other measurements , give me a shout.

Much appreciated, and thanks in advance.




Hi and welcome to the forums, i will try and help you on this. From about 8.5ft you should be able to project a 65inch to 70inch wide image on max zoom as the z2 is quite a short throw pj.
Therefore this location is not totally that bad so long as the fire is not on, whereabouts is your tv located and where will your dvd/amp etc be located.

Also how are you planning on mounting the pj i.e ceiling or table etc and what type of screen are you thinking roll down or fixed or simply projecting onto the wall. You could have a roll down screen the comes down in front of the tv.

The good thing about the z2 is the lens shift function so it does make it quite versatile on location.

As for links i got mine from ivojo who are excellent but you can also get them from nexnix who are also excellent. If you want a throw calculator try projectorcentral.com.

If you let us know the above then i or somebody else will be able to give you more advice, inza


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If I am correct in thinking that the blue box on the right hand side is your current TV then I would totally agree with inzaman and have a pull down screen in front of the TV. This will allow you to position the PJ at whatever distance you need to get your required picture size and also sat in the sofa on the left your distance from the screen would not be to bad.

If you put the screen either above the fireplace or on the opposite wall then both sofa's are going to be very close and this could ruin the PQ.

In case you are unsure ivojo is www.ivojo.co.uk & nexnix is www.nexnix.co.uk Both sites have the Z2 at the same price and ivojo offer a free dead pixel check.




Thanks guys.
Im at work at the moment, and I just remembered that I have an actual picture of the room here.

This picture was taken as if standing next to the sofa on the left side of the room.

I didnt put my tv in the original picture. So as you can see it complicates matters slightly.

I plan on mounting the PJ to the ceiling. And i was thinking of getting a roll down screen.



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My first thought would be to mount the PJ above the sofa the picture was taken from or depending on throw distance and desired screen size then maybe in front or behind. I would put the screen in front of the window by the TV. The beauty of the Z2 is that it can be mounted nearer the ceiling and use the lens shift funtion, and if needed over to one side of the room as opposed to being in the centre.

thats just mu opinion, but i do not have a PJ yet and so others advice would be better trusted.



Am I right in thinking (excuse the dumb questions) that the lens shift function means that the PJ doesnt have to be smack in the middle of the screen ?


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One thing worth considering but havent heard anyone on here try is : if you want the image on the fire place so that you doint have to move furniture then try placing the Z2 on the wall pointing the image vertically up and then use a mirror to deflect image. This gives you longer throw. Sounds wacky, but Sanyo show this configuration in their japanese brochures
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