Please help with Insurance offer ! Not same spec?

Hi everyone.

Ok so the insurance company have come back with an offer..
My tv was the 40" 3d Samsung c750 - yep that model :)

Just got off the phone and I have been offered..

40" Samsung D6100 as a replacement in the form of a voucher for comet - voucher worth £679.00

Is that fair do you think? I know the D range under the d7000 are not full hd 3d as well documented in various places, of course the insurance company can just see like from like from their spec sheet.

The did say it was possibly negotiable if Im correct with the 3d side of things.

The only other thing she came up with tonight was the LG 42w650T in again Comet card of £749.00 at present I would be expected to make the difference of £80.

Again it doesn't look like Comet stock this model?

What should I be aiming for ? The d7000 Samsung? Please help they phone back 2morro lunchtime !
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Better to ask in the 3D forum :)
lol, mods buzz me over..

Also I have 4 pairs of glasses with my old tv, they are no good now, can I throw that into the mixer with the insurance company ?!

Just spoke to them, looks like they will go for the d7000 (Comet card of £1k) just waiting for confirmation and a txt with the voucher code in it !

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