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Please help with connections for lg px11

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by superaffordable, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. superaffordable


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    Hi - need to buy the cables in advance as they come to fit tv in wall in Tuesday

    I think I know how to connect but just sounds to good to be truth

    Set up is:
    - telewest digital box
    - dvd recorder with progresive (component out) and optical digital
    - av amplifier (not got it yet)
    - plasma lg px11

    I believe I need to connect telewest box to dvd recorder using scart

    then connect dvd recorder to plasma using component (not scart)

    then connect dvd recorder to av receiver using optical digital

    so my questions are:
    (mind you we DONT use normal antenna at all. All programs are viewed using the cable box and mind you that the av receiver WILL NOT be on at all times)

    1 - are the above settings right? - only 1 cable going to the plasma? sounds far too good to be truth

    2 - for the above to be right, component (three cables not scart) will also need deliver sound, not just video. - sorry I am very iliterate regarding this stuff -

    Is this right or I need to also connect the televest box to the plasma using scart in order to get sound when no playing a DVD?

    3 - Would I also need to connect the plasma to the av receiver?
    *mind you I will ONLY use the av receiver when viewing DVD in 5.1 or at night when connecting a headphone for neighbours sake.

    Thanks guys

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