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Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by pemberto, Mar 26, 2004.

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    Hi to you all,

    I really need some help with connecting up my kit. I want to try and get the best picture and sound possible from all the sources.

    When I start to look at possible solutions, I get to point and then get totally lost. I think I am right in saying that I need to get some sort of video switcher.

    I looked at Extron a while back thinking it would be the answer to switching component video, but that was before DVI and HDMI. I have also gone down the Crestron route so now thinking of a Crestron video switcher, as I could also use it for whole audio/video at a later date. (Great deals on Crestron on ebay)

    I would really like to get the best out of Sky and my laserdisc so I was thinking of the DVDO HD scaler, but I don't have any knowledge of the DVDO. I think if I had one I could use Sky+ and Laserdisc via S-video, Xbox and PS2 via component video and this would enable me to free up an optical slot on my amp?

    Here is a list of my equipment and a few bits I don't have, but want to have everything in place for when I do.

    Source Equipment
    DVD - Output 1xDVI, 2xComponent, 2xS-Video, RGB Scart
    DVD Changer - Output Component, S-Video
    DVDR - Output Component
    Laser Disc - Output S-Video
    Sky+ - Output RGB Scart, S-Video
    Xbox - Output Component, S-Video
    PS2 - Output Component, S-Video
    VCR SVHS - Output S-Video
    VCR DVHS - Output Component
    HD SAT - Output Component

    Amp - Denon AVC-A1SR
    Plasma - Pioneer 504 - Input 1xHDMI, Component
    Projector - Sim2 HT 300 Link 1xHDMI, 2xComponent
    Automation - Crestron Pro2

    Any help, very very welcome.

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