Please help with an AE100 warranty question


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When I purchased my AE100 just under 2 years ago it came with a 1 year warranty. The shop I purchased it from confirmed this by calling panasonic. They even wrote it on the receipt. I now have a minor problem with the machine and after calling panasonic they say the projector has never been sold with a 2 year warranty.
Can somebody please confirm this. I paid full price for this product from a reputable dealer. I will obviously be trying to get this sorted out with the dealer but would like to know if anybody else was sold this with the 2 year warranty.
Thanks azzo.

Greg Hook

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I'm confused??

You say you bought it with a 1 year warranty, and the dealer even wrote 1 year on the receipt, why are you trying to claim it as a 2 year warranty?

My AE-100 only came with a 1 year warranty and AFAIK that is all you ever got.



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when i bought my a100 from the media factory i was given a 2 yr warranty, i was told the reason for this was that the pj was supplied via panasonic business pj dept and not panasonic retail and hence the 2 yr warranty


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Sorry, my mistake - it came with a 2 year warranty - not1 as I previously mentioned. I understand your confusion.
I tried explaining the fact that it came with a business 2 year warranty, but the business center said they had did not repair these projectors and the consumer department said they only issue a 1 year warranty for these projectors.
Not sure what I will be doing now. The fault isnt' major so I may just live with it.

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