Please Help With 3802 Codes!!!


I have the 3802 and am not aware of any codebook. Have you tried Denon's website ?



Hi Kirbz

I've got the Denon code sheet but i don't have access to a scaner if you post which codes you need then i'll check them out and post them here.

The codebook is not so much of a book but more of a two sided sheet with different codes, it comes as a seperate sheet with the manual.



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Are these code you refer to for the remote? If so I am sure I have them somewhere and a scanner :)


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Yes they are for the remote so if you have a scanned copy i would be most grateful

The codes i need are:

Sony TV, Sony VCR, Sony DVD, Pace Cable

Thanks Guys


Originally posted by kirbz
I have just picked up a second hand 3802 but it never came with the code book so has anyone got a scanned copy or guide me in the right direction


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Why not use the learning capabilities of the remote instead of the codes, in my experience some of the functions are put onto obscure buttons half the time, with the learning function you can customise the remote yourself, it's very quick and easy to do as well. ;)


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Here's the code's from my 1803 handbook, they should be the same.

Sony TV: 043, 046, 138, 146, 150

Sony VCR: 075, 076, 077, 078, 079, 121, 122

Sony DVD 002, 019, 020

Pace cable not listed.

The fist code for each device normally work's.


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Thanks for the help

I have tried the codes but they dont work, according to the manual i need a 4 digit code!!??

I hate remote controls:eek:

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