Please help - which AV receiver?


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Hi, i've confused myself silly reading through posts, and would really appreciate some help.

I have a PS3, DVD player with HDMI out and Xbox360. I want to be able to use all 3 on my 42" LG plasma (1 HDMI in), and my benq projector. Also, I have surround speakers which I want to use (no amp).

I've read about problems using only HDMI in switch boxes such as octava as some sources (my DVD palyer i think) can't send surround sound through the HDMI connection, and requires using the optical out for audio.

Ideally i'd like something with 3HDMI inputs and 2 outputs, but price may decide upon that. Most i've seen seem to only have 1 hdmi out, so I was thinking I can get a splitter/2way switch to go to tv/projector.

Richer sounds recommended
Is it worthwhile getting one that has inbuilt dolbyHD decoding etc.?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(option 2 would be use PS3 for games/DVD and get 2 way HDMI switch for TV & projector, cheap amp and run in optical audio from PS£ and xbox, and then get a 2nd TV for bedrom and use the DVD recorder with that for recording)


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Regarding the 2 HDMI outputs, have a look at this thread

Which seems to suggest that it is cheaper to get an amp with 1 HDMI output and a splitter. Rather than something like the amp below for £1400.

Regarding the question about HD sound decoding

Is it worthwhile getting one that has inbuilt dolbyHD decoding etc.?

At the moment your PS3 won't make use of this feature so it is not strictly necessary, however it would give you some level of future proofing.

For 3 HDMI inputs you need to be looking at something like:

or a lot of people on this forum give good feedback for the money on this amp, which has 3 HDMI inputs. While it will not decode the HD sounds, when connected to your PS3 it will allow the HD sound through it.

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Hiya, thanks, I ended up going for the sony 910, and i'm just use a 2 way hdmi switcher for changing between TV and projector.

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Arghh... PS3 has arrived, and i've now discovered that my projector isn't HDCP compliant (i think), so can't use projector (HDMI to DVI cable). I am right in thinking that the sony 910 can't take an HDMI input and output it in say composite? Also, can the amp take away the HDCP element?
If not, any ideas on how I can connect the PS3 and DVD player to projector with decent picture? Projector inputs: s-vid (but no s-vid on sources), VGA, DVI-D, RCA (yellow, red, white).


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Which Benq projector is it?

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