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I'm trying my best to help out a relative with the setup of Virgin in there house, and being a sky customer myself, I'm not having much luck.

My Aunt has recently subscribed to a Virgin+ HD Package and has also gone and bought a new Full HD TV for the living room. Previous to doing so they had a standard cable box, but also ran a video signal from this box using a co-axial cable to two other sets in the house.

Now, since upgrading to Virgin they have had all sorts of problems with the multi-rooming and as expected, unless your using Virgins own mulitroom system (with subscription) they refuse to help.

They now have also purchased a HD ready 17" screen for one of the rooms they would like to send picture to but still have no luck.

Can anyone help with suggestions at all?

The Virgin box is connected using HDMI to the main set, and im guessing this counteracts the coaxial ouput which is why there is no signal being sent to the other rooms?!

I appreciate any hints, tips or advice.:lease:

Thanks in advance, Luke
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Firstly you are correct that if the V+ is set to HDMI mode the RF out is disabled.

The "VCR" scart is however enabled. I use that output connected to an old VCR and then distribute via the RF out on the VCR. I am therefore using the VCR as an RF modulator. Alternatively you can purchase an RF modulator to plug straight in the "VCR" scart from the likes of Maplin etc.


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The best way is as Boostrail explains. Jus wanted to mention that HD to the smaller tv wont be possible (unless they get another V+).

Also, did they keep the standard box (have it relocated?). They could just pay £10 per month* (£5 per box) and get two standard boxes fitted into the other rooms and then they'll also be able to change the channels in these rooms too!


*the price of one standard box with sky (sorry jus had to have a dig :))

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