please help,tosh 37x3030d,lglf65,philip 37pfl766d/05


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hi folks,
i am need a new tv this week and i am interested in the 37x3030d,philips 37pfl766d/05,and the lglf65 or lglf66.

i will be using it mainly for watching movies,not much sport,linking up my elonex media center and playing on a ps3or xbox elite when i get one.

my problem is which one shall concerns are as follows.

the toshiba;i have read reports of strange sounds and backlight problems,but i do have an old toshiba and never had any problems with it.but it does have good sound and is said great for playing games on.but has lower contrast ratio out of the three?????

the philips;i was originally going to buy the 37inch ambilight but when i want into currys the display set had two black bands going through the screen.the guy in the shop said it has been like that for ages,not a good selling point.i have also read similar reports on here of that problem.but i do have a philips crt in my living room now and it is very good other concern is in one review it says that the philips cant display the full res of a ps3??????even though it has hdmi connections?????please someone explain.

the lg:i was very impressed by the picture in the shop of this tv very clear and sharp.but i have read in reviews that the black levels are not too good and i am not too sure what the sound is like.and i also don't know anyone who has an lg tv so i am unable to get advice.

please please please help me as i am getting very frustrated in deciding what to buy.I dont want to go any bigger than 37 though.

many thanks in advance


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cant anyone help me then


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hi out of those televisions you have listed i would ignore them all and grab a samsung r87 or r88

or if you can afford a little more why not grab an lem model

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