please help - tosh 36zp38 problem

can anyone help me?
i have a toshiba 36zp38 picture frame tv that features pal/ntsc progressive scan.
i have a jvc na77l dvd player that also has pal/ntsc progressive scan.
i am connecting the 2 via the component sockets with a ixos componebt cable.
the problem is that when i play a film (all my films are region 2 pal) there appears to be a "waving effect" on screen, like interference.
this is highlighted more when the film is dark (ie night scene).
i have checked all my settings on both the tv and dvd player but this won't go away.
when i turn pro scan off on the dvd player it goes away.
has anyone heard of a similar problem?


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there is a fix for this. contact toshiba, or your retailer (if you know them to be helpful!) and tell them you want the fix done. A capacitor at location C898 needs replacing and will stop the interference. someone came round to do mine the other week, it's quite a straight forward job.
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