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PLEASE HELP! to connect LG HT805TH DVD suround system, a ps3 and a v+ HD box????


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please help anyone im ready to throw this equipment in the bin?? :mad:
i have an LG HT805TH DVD suround system, a ps3 and a v+ HD box. i would like to know if it is possible to connect them all up so i can get HD and 5.1 suround sound wen using the HD v+, ps3 and dvd player? i have 2 HDMI slots on the back of my tv and 1 on the ps3, dvd and V+.
I have optical cables, HDMI cables and an optical 3 way splitter but no clue how to connect them all up so they all work???
this is seriously driving me mad and being female i no absolutly nuthing about these things (and neither does my man!) :confused:
any advice wud be very much welcome!


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As you only have 2 HDMI connections on the TV you cannot have the DVD player, PS3 and V+ box all connected at the same time that way.

I'd recommend connecting the PS3 and V+ box to the TV with HDMI. For the DVD player, I'd connect it to the TV with a Component video cable.

The optical outputs from the V+ box and PS3 can be connected to the optical input on the DVD home cinema system using an optical switch. Can you confirm that it is an optical switch you have (3 inputs, 1 out), and not a splitter?


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Considering the PS3 does HD upscaling there isn't really a need for the DVD player to be plugged into the TV.

You could have the PS3 picture through HDMI, and sound through Optical to the DVD player (will still work as a surround system).

I'm not so familiar with the V+ box, but I assume it's HDMI (picture) and Optical (sound) (can someone confirm?)?

The PS3 and V+ could both be plugged into the optical splitter, which is then plugged into the DVD system (Just make sure you're on the right input) ;)

Joe Fernand

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Optical > Optical Switch (Input 1)

Optical > Optical Switch (Input 2)

Optical Switch
Optical Out > Surround Sound System Optical Input.

As Jezrh says the PS3 is a very capable DVD and Blu-ray player so simply ignore the HDMI Playback/Output of the Surround Sound/DVD system and use the Surround System for audio only.



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thanx for all ur replys they have really helped :)
i have set it up as joe stated and it all works only thing is only 2 out of the 5 suround sound speakers will work when watching the tv through the v+? is there any way to get all 5 working? :rolleyes:
thanx again :clap:

Joe Fernand

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Keep in mind that the majority of Broadcast programmes are 2 channel – you’ll need to confirm if the programme you are viewing is in 5.1 and then test the connection to the Surround Sound System.

When viewing a 2 channel programme you can either listen in 2 channel or use whatever ‘mode’ your Surround Sound System offers to create a virtual 5.1 sound field from the 2 channel signal.


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