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Hello all....I'm embarrassed to be posting this as there seem to be a million and one similar threads open on here but none of them seem to be able to help me understand what it is that I am striving to achieve...

My situation is that I am a complete novice at this home cinema/audio sort of thing but want a nice beginner set up to get me into it.

My living room is 15 foot by 12 foot.
My budget is approx. £600 for the whole set up.
My use would be split 70/30 between home cinema and music. My ears aren't discerning enough to appreciate the finer aspects but that might be because they haven't been subjected to it yet!

I'm looking to get the Yamaha DSP-AX763 as the amp/receiver.
I was looking at the Q-Acoustics 1010i but am now starting to lean towards getting a decent pair of front speakers + centre for the time being and then maybe getting some rears + sub at a later date.

What front speakers (floorstanders or bookshelfs) are good at the £200-300 mark?

Would this be a better starting point for someone like me?

If I get a '3-way' speaker, would I also need to get a sub?
Do I need a centre speaker?

I know there are plenty of members on here who know what they're talking about and can help me!!!
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Hi and welcome to AV forums!:)

I can't answer all your questions, but to get you started (in no particular) order

- £600 is a nice budget to get you started, a package like this would start you off nicely (and includes a DVD player):ONKYO DVSP406 DVD PLAYER (MULTI-REGION), TXSR576 AV RECEIVER & WHARFEDALE 9HCP SYSTEM SIZZLER - available from Superfi UK Visit for details

but then..

- Yamaha DSP-AX763, great amp (I have one) and the one I'd go for, leaving £320 for speakers

- £320 wouldn't quite get you the Wharfedale speaker set though (£370 would - Wharfedale 9 HCP System - Shop A V Bristol - Detailed item view)

which would pair nicely and in my opinion be better than the Onkyo package, albeit over budget. I should also point out at this point you should budget for stands and cables (and running surrounds can take a lot of cable).

However, you also need to consider what you are using the system for. If just movies/games then the Diamond 9.0's (or similar) will be fine, but if you intend to use it for music also then you probably should be looking a better fronts in the system. As you noted yourself, going for just front speakers in the £200-£300 range may be a better start point (though even from £110 the Diamond 9.1's would make a significant difference). Unfortunatley my budget hasn't progressed enough to recommend speakers over £200.

Do you need a centre - not necessarily. The main point is to lock the dialogue to the screen, useful if your seating is spead out, not so useful if you sit dead centre opposite the screen. Having said, many people, my self included like to have the flexibility to raise the dialogue channel relative to rest of the soundtrack.

Do you need a sub - this depends to a degree on your front speakers. If you want the really low effects (the .1 channel in surround sound) such as room shaking explosions etc then almost certainly yes. A good sub will down to 20Hz, whereas my Diamond 9.1's only down to 50Hz, so I am literally missing some of the soundtrack since I don't have a sub. If I had a sub I would get double benefit because, assuming crossover is set to 80Hz, the sub would fill in the lost soundtrack but my 9.1's should perform better as they are working in a narrower range (i.e they no longer need to cope with the 50-80Hz range). However, if you went for better fronts, they will probably go lower anyway (though not as low a proper sub) so it could be argued that you can get away without using a sub.

Personally I don't have a sub yet, partly because I have a flat, sorry luxury apartment :D, with neighbours below. I still think my setup (see signature) sounds good, but I'm sure it would benefit from a sub.

Hope this gives you something to think about.


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Chris....thanks for the reply dude. It's pretty clear and concise, what you recommend, and it's helped my thought process.

I'll have a think of some more questions...LOL...

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