please help this amature!


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In the next few days i'll be getting sky plus installed and buying a samsung 40" lcd, model yet to be decided. I was originally planning to buy one of the samsung upscaller/divx home cinema things. Model also yet to be decided.

However i really am a total novice, and not only that i'm in a wheelchair to i myself can't put these things together and have to rely on others who are even worse at it than i am.

My quesiton is, i want the sound to go through the tv, not just when playing dvd's. So can this be set up so the sound will work when watching sky and freeview aswell?

Thanks a lot


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from what i can make of your post your wanting dvd,sky and freeview to all feed sound into a dvd home cinema system? this is of course very possible!
the dvd is obvious(if it is a dvd/amp combi) the video feed will come from usually component out into your tv (you will need a component cable) and the sound will just feed straight out with no other connection needed.

if your sky and freeview boxes both have dedicated audio out (usually red/white phono connections or optical) you can feed these into seperate channels on your amp (eg.aux or ext or optical) and then connect through scart or s-video etc for picture into your tv.

if the boxes dont have audio out you can split the signal coming from scart into video and audio using an adaptor.

hope this helps?

any more specific info on your hardware would be good.:)


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Hi there thanks so much for your reply.

I don't think i'll have a freeview box, can't quite figure out why i said freeview.

as for the dvd home cinema, i was looking at the samsung HT X30R. but more than likely will be the samesung HT-Q100R as my wife wouldn't want speakers all around the room!

Oh there might also be an xbox 360 elite in there too if i can swing it!


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sorry forgot to say don't know about the sky box yet, its sky plus and its being installed on wednesday.


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yes it will all work fine!just need to make sure you have all the cables needed.

as far as i can see you will need a component cable for the dvd into the tv.i think the HT-Q100R has a hdmi output so you could go through a hdmi cable instead.

a cable for the xbox360,im not really clued up with these but you will probably need a xbox360 component cable that has audio out connections too.

and the sky box would probably be ok going into an rgb (scart) connection with audio out again into the back of your HT-Q100R.

so to switch between audio just switch the audio channels on your HT-Q100R to eg.aux,dvd,ext..

and just switch inputs on your tv.

any more help you need when you get the stuff let me know.;)

p.s if your getting a 360 you might aswell bung in a hd dvd drive!!:smashin:


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thanks a lot for your help man. Seems like i'm more clued in now.

Just wondering.... do you know which samsung all in one dvd/speaker system is the best?

Don't know about the hd dvd. I can't get past the fact its not built in!


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i think the HT-Q100R is definitely a good choice,especially as you cant really have rear speakers.obviously its not going to be as effective but its supposed to be pretty convincing.
the only thing that puts me off it is the rather large and strange led display. if your room is not huge this would supply more than ample sound for you.

i believe the HT-Q100Ris a very good upscaler too according to a what hi-fi review i saw.they rated the system as very good.

are you getting your tv from dixons?

if so i believe they can knock £50 off a samsung home cinema system at the moment?


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probably currys. I've got a few codes that work at the moment for money off and such. I can also get the dvd and home cinema at once. I'm nervous about which tv to pick more so than the home cinema. Samsung have so many!

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