Please help.... stupid problem setting up..


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my wireless access point.

its a Dynamode WL-GI-1450Plus (DW1000GT)

it works fine (purchased off here a year ago) but i just got a new modem router.

to set it up i simply reset the bios, however i cant remember what its default ip address is so i cant access it.

i have contacted dynamode and will phone if no joy here, but does anyone have this access point and if so, please tell, what is its standard ip addy.

i have obviously looked on the dynamode support page, but that only has the 1450 NOT the 1450plus and the 1450 standard ip address of does not seem to work.

am so annoyed for not checking its settings before simply clearing the bios. i thoguht i remembered them, however that was my old access point settings i remembered not this on (and i have lost the docs for this one)

grey fox

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Hi Mike according to the quick install guide - link

The default address is

Hope this helps


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