PLEASE HELP. Sky remote code for lg home cinema needed


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Hello all. I have tried for 4 hours this morning trying to find a code so that my sky remote can control my LG HT806PH home theatre system. I have been through loads of codes but cant seem to find any for a LG system. I am trying to set it by pressing 0 and select then the 4 digit code, which i believe is the correct way. does any one please have to code for me, its driving me crazy. my remote control is REV.8r thanks


They're really meant to be able to control only the TV's sound, but some have succeeded with HTS as well and may be able to say how they did it.
I'd be looking for a proper universal remote control though, for everything, and this is the place to get information about those: Remote Controls | AVForums.com - UK Online.


OK - The thread header is clear, so let's see if anyone has done it.

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