Please help! Sharing Game Pass on two Xboxes


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Hi all I really hope you can help.

I have 2 boys each with their own Xbox One. Somehow in the dim and distant past I was able to get a home Xbox set up and they've shared Gold membership and Ultimate Game Pass, with my eldest having the home Xbox and the subscriptions being through him.

I upgraded my youngest's Xbox for his birthday recently and I'm now REALLY struggling to replicate what we had before. I've messed around with which is the home Xbox to the point I have no idea what my name is! I think my eldest still is the home Xbox (which is linked to the Ultimate Game Pass).

If anyone can give me an idiot's guide as to what I need to do to get my youngest using the game pass it will be much appreciated. I know this issue is as old as the hills, and please done tell me it's easy 😉. What I need is a Janet and John list of instructions on what to do please (and of that reference doesn't show my age, nothing will!).

Thanks all.


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Hello, Janet signs into John’s Xbox and sets it up as her Home Xbox. John then signs into Janets Xbox and sets up as Home Xbox. Easy as that.
Just make sure that John and Janet are not both still logged into each other’s Xbox at the same time as you get get errors saying the games are already being played by so morons else.
hope it works out.

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