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Dec 27, 2007
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Hi Everyone,
Would please like some help on setting up cables/menu ect I have just bought a Yamaha RX-V363 AV amp and Yamaha DVD-S2700 I am very interested in the audio side, DVD audio and SACDs, I have tried to set it up but using two manuals is not easy I have pluged phono cables from the Multi channel input jacks on the rear of both and have used HDMI from dvd to amp I am getting 5.1 sound on films, but I can only get stereo when playing cd's no pro-logic as with my old amp.
The speaker set up on the back of av amp was very confusing as you have a bank of inputs front /centre/ surround but you have to plug your front speakers(for the 5.1) into speakers A and leave the ones in this bank empty!!
I have since connected a pair of old jamo's into these front (B)connectors they sound very good but I lose the original front speakers.
A, Is it possible to have both sets of fronts working together ?
B,I cannot set up the sacd when I go into setup on audio menu of the dvd the sacd section is in grey an it flashes straight past therefore not allowing me to switch on, I have tried on sacd disk and it plays in stereo only to my dissapiontment. I would very much appreiciate any input before I pull all my hair out many thanks in advance HI-FI Virgin

I have the same DVD player but the RX-V3800 amp so I can't comment on your amp questions. The DVD-S2700 doesn't pass SACD over HDMI so you need to set the amp input to multi channel when playing SACDs. You can use either the DVD input or the multi channel input for "normal" CDs. If you use the first, you'll get PCM via the HDMI and use the amps DACs. If you use the second, you'll be using the players DACs. Try both and see which sounds best to you.

To get to the SACD set-up menu, you need to make sure there is no disc in the tray (I think).
Many thanks for the speedy response I shall try and let you know how i got on , The problem with coming into 5.1 late is like starting school in the second year !!! the menu always assumes you know what it it talking about again many thanks for taking the time to reply .Alan
Hi Decking man ,
I'm afraid it was not a great success
I have tried the 2nd of your options first
I went into the dvd's set up (no disc) the sacd mode was already chosen
I put in my only sacd disc
the av amp was set to -Input-multi ch
after read disc dvd screen shows cd and track number /time
It still only plays out of the two front speakers .
I have the hdmi cable connected from dvd to amp and the multi channel jacks connected from dvd to av amp.
What am I missing ?
Hi, I have dissconected the multi channel by pulling the plugs and pluged in the digital coax ,the amp had to be set to dvd to get any sound but still in stereo ,Maybe the fault of my amp shall scan through the manual again to see if there is something I have to switch on !!
Just a thought. Is it a multi channel SACD and not just a stereo 2 channel one?

Also, have you set the speaker configuration up on the DVD player. You need to tell it how many speakers you have (as well as telling the amp). It doesn't matter when using HDMI but when using analogue, the DVD player does all the decoding and if it thinks there arre only 2 speakers, then it will down mix the surround channels to just the front pair.

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