Please help set v+


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ok it was set on hdmi, but today i have a normal tv so nothing is coming up through scart, can some plesae direct me button by button to set back to scart as i cant see owt but just follow instructions???


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any?? will only take few seconds of your time to let me know what buttons to press to get to scart stage??


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You may have changed it over to component/HDMI but you can choose the output during a reboot as follows:

Hold in the Stop and Play/Pause buttons on the front panel, and press Reset.
Keep Stop and Play/Pause held in until the display says 'boot'.
After a few seconds the display should say 'outpt'. Press the Fast Forward button several times until the display says 'Sd' (might also show Scart, so choose your output), then press OK.
Wait for the V+ to reboot.

Then hook up over scart and set it up in the settings as normal for what you want.

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