please help set up kef PSW 2500


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A friend of mine has just received his new PSW 2500 and asked me to help him connect it. He has a yamaha RX-V 550 receiver and kef speakers all round.

I can't get any sound out of the sub using the test tone.
On the amp I have checked that it's set to sub>yes, 5 speakers, front speakers set to small.
The receiver is connected to the sub with an RCA cable from the sub out on the receiver to the line input (left) on the sub.
The sub is powered up, set to manual (in case the input signal is too low to trigger the sub), crossover to max 140Hz (as the speakers are all small), input level midway.

No sound from the sub, but the power light is on (green) and it makes a sound when switched on.

In the connection diagram there is a sketch (8B) showing a bridging cable from the left high pass to right line in socket. I'm not sure if this is necessary, but I tried it to no avail.

Unfortunately I had to come to work so couldn't linger any longer. The only thing i can think of left to do is to try a different cable.

Have I done something wrong?


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OK, my buddy just called to say it's working. Apparently the cable was connected to the sub input and not sub output of the receiver. Doh!! I guess that's what happens when you rush around with your mind half on getting back to work.


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Don't be so hard on yourself. :)

There probably isn't anyone here who hasn't messed up their cabling at some point.

They even get it wrong in AV shops. :suicide:


you said the to bridge high pass? Doesn't that send high feeq? you should have a sub out on the amp use that. I have the same sub, and use only one rca cable.

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