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Hi All,

After reading and using the advce on these forums quite frequently, i now have a problem which i hope you guy's can help me with.
On 1st April 2006 i bought a Samsung LCD LE32R51BD 'reworked model' from my local PC World store. It came with a full 12 months guarantee of course.
About 6 weeks ago it developed a fault whereby it would intermittently fail to power on, and would just make a clicking noise, and the red neon light on the font on/off switch would just flash. It became worse so i called PC world a few weeks before the 12 months expired and was told to contact Samsung. I did this however Samsung said that as it was a 'reworked' model they could not be liable for any repairs. So. going back to PC World again i was told they would investigate and call me back. Despite at least a dozen chaser calls and promises of call backs (which they have never done) i still have not been able to get any updates on what to do. As a last resort, last weekend i returned the tv to my local PC World store and asked them to sort it out, however again despite promises of calls being returned they have failed to contact me. I have spent all day at home today as the local store said they would call me today and would you believe still no call...!

They have acknowledged many times that as the fault was reported many times before the 12 months expiry they are liable to do something, it seems they just don't know what to do, and indeed don't really want to know.

So i need to ask this....

Does anyone know if this is a typical fault with this model?
Can anyone recommend my next course of action, as despite being a regular happy shopper at PC World, i am flabergasted that such a big company can have so little regard for their customers and appalling approach to after sales service.

Rant over..

So please, can anyone help....?



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call head office and explain to them your problem and that the local store is doing nothing to help and see what you get from that. As the are part of the dixons group the may well send someone out to look at your tv.

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