please help!Q acoustics 1010 5.1 or Acoustic Energy Aegis evo 3B



Hi everyone i was wondering if anyone could help me as all of you know your stuff when it comes to speakers and im a newbie
I was considering buying a home cinema speaker package 5.1 i have been checking what hi fi reviews and have narrowed it down to the Q accoustics 1010 5.1 or the Acoustic Energy Aegis evo 3B. Both of them have got 5 star awards but the evo 3B has the award in 2003 and the 1010 have the award this year.
So what speaker package should i chose? the evo 3B's look much bigger and the sub to and im guessing they sound better but i could be wrong?
Size of the speakers doesnt matter to me i just want the best sounding ones the 1010 are listed at 499 and the evo 3B at 600 as they have dropped price and they have the 5 star review at 1000! so would i be better of paying a extra 100 for the evo 3B's or should i consider the 1010's as there a newer model so maybe sound better?thanks in advance for any help you can give me


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No-one can answer that mate.
I could choose one set and there might be 10 people disagree.
You need to listen to them and see what you think.

If it makes a difference, I'd give the SVS SBS 5.0 and a PB10 sub a whirl.
But the only place to demo is in Kent.
Might run you £800-900 though :(
But probably worth it :)

Seeing as things move on, I'd rate 5 stars recently as better than a while ago.


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Tomuk - both are great, however your choice should come down to room size and how much music you want to listen to in 2.0 stereo.

Big room and music listening without a sub is essential? Go Evo. :lesson:

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