PLEASE help on Sony 40V2000




I am getting a a 40V2000 delivered and installed this Saturday. Could you please help me understand how can I check that a) there are no dead pixels and b) there are no other known / major faults.

Thank you in advance,



Hi i had mine delivered yesterday i am really impressed by it well apart from the remore control..! the picture and sound is fanstastic... but i too would like to know how i can check for dead pixlels etc ....


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Best way is via a connected PC to VGA connection at 1360 x 768 1:1 mapping. There's a small programme "Dead Pixel Checker" which cycles through various solid or patterned colours to aid location.

Other than that, any solid bright colour ideally Black, White, Blue, Red Green static on your screen then closely inspect the display. Pixels on HDTV's are large so should be easy to spot if you have any faulty ones. I don't on my 32V thankfully.

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