Please help on giving an estimated price to my Loewe Mimo Tv - thanks.


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I purchased 2 x Loewe 32" Mimo Tv's around 2 years ago (1 for the living room and the other for the bedroom).
I'm looking at getting a larger screen for the living room and my friend is interested in purchasing one of the Tv's.
I believe I paid around £1300 and can not fault the tv at all.
It has an incredible picture quality and really can't see any other 32" CRT Tv being better than this - and my mate knows it too. The comments from people when they see the quality is great to hear.
I'm looking to sell at a fair price for both of us (don't want to give it away and also don't want to rob him too).
Have you guys got a ball park figure to what I could ask.
I realise it's quite difficult to price as its a CRT, but I also know there is a huge percentage of AV users who wouldn't swap a CRT for plasma or LCD at the moment too and the Loewe Tv's hold there price well.
Cheers for any help.


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Not sure about your model but on Ebay a 32" Aconda 9581ZWH with glass stand (original price at John Lewis £1970) sold for £362 on 29 December.

Another Vitros 6381 was on with a buy it now price of £225 but didn't sell.

Hope this helps.


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£362 :eek: .....bloody hell.....there's a bargain!

I think I may just keep it for the kids bedroom - it'll kill me to sell it for less than £400.

I feel as though I'm being left out on the LCD/Plasma phenomena.

All my mates (who know very little about AV) are buying 40" + tv's at the drop of a hat. know the type; just walk into the local Comet store and ask the 1st sales assistant for their views on a "future proof" 42" Plasma tv......and ten minutes later sticking £1000 on their MBNA card.

It makes me quite annoyed that they are (probably) getting the wrong advice or being sold a dud.....instead of asking the guys on here or reading reviews available online from the pro's who know what they're talking about.


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If one considers you can get a Samsung 40" LCD for just over £600 (my son bought one last July from AJ Electronics), I doubt you'd get more than £350 for a 32" CRT, and realistically nearer £300 than £350.


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That's the problem, now you can't give away CRT TVs, everyone wants a plasma/LCD screen making CRTs' value drop to next to nothing.


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Of course,it's not only CRT's.Many of us paid a small fortune for our plasma screens a few years ago and they would be worth a tiny fraction of the purchase price now.I've no regrets,I'm still impressed with mine,it's just that everything electronic is becoming cheaper/disposable.Personally I'd keep the crt set.

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