Please Help My First Sub


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I'm looking for my first subwoofer budget from £300-700 depending on whether there is a big difference.

My room is 5X4 Meters so not that big I have heard the REL Quake yesterday, I was impressed but I want something Faster & Tighter, I want bass not BOOM!!! will the M&K K10 be any good though its quite expensive compared to the the competition. If anyone has any suggestions pls let me know.

System: Onkyo 898 THX Reciever
Onkyo 989 THX DVD Player
M&K K4 Tripoles (excellent)
M&K K7 LCR (also excellent)
SUB = ??


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The B&W ASW675 is a great little sub and is much better than the Rel.
Alternatively, if I don't mention SVS to you somebody else will very soon.
See the present favourite of the forums, offering superb perfromance at relatively cheap prices direct from USA.

Ian J

M&K make good subs yet even a year ago I thought that they were overpriced and that was before the dollar fell through the floor.

There are quite a few forum members with M&K speakers (including myself) that have looked elsewhere for subs so have a look at the B&W ASW675 or if you are happier with slightly bigger, have a look at the Mordaunt Short 909


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hello bass man

but i have a rel storm for sale rrp £1000 on the classifieds
for £550
My 1st sub was a rel 201e fantastic but the storm just blows
it to bits
make me an offer we could meet half way (in relation to where
you live not the price!!!)
look up reviews of storm on and home cinema choice
Its the latest version i.e a MKIII in rosenut wood

A big sub for a big room


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Thanks to all your replies, I'm very gratefull. The B&W sub, is it tight sounding sub, not BIG BOOM? I not really bothered about the size within reason.

Thank you for your offer simonthepieman I'll decide soon

Would the REl Be good enough or shall save for a better sub, bearing in mind I have waited nearly 2 years.

Ian J which M&K sub do you have?

Thanks again


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If you are not too concerned about size, have a serious look at the SVS. I have heard two now, in different settings, and I was impressed by both. I have a REL Q200 at the moment and have recently set it up to the best I can. The SVS walks all over it IMO and is next but one on my shopping list.

As IanJ says in his signature, he has both M&K and SVS and they are indeed a great match, just wish I could have afforded M&K :(


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hi, SVS I've loads about it on this forum, many people praise it, where would I listen to this sub? does anyone know, in the london or surrey area, Oh do the do one for about 400-500 pounds? One of my friends also suggested using 2 REL Quakes... is that a viable option rather than going for 1 expensive sub?

Ian J

SVS subs are purchased directly from the manufacturer in USA so you either have to buy blind or hope that a local owner will offer you a listen to his.

All things being equal it would be preferable to buy one expensive sub than two cheaper ones.


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Thats a bit of a risk..don't you think? May I ask you one question I heard many M&K sub but not the K10 I heard all the expensive ones and I must say that they are really good, yet I have hardly heard anyone on this forum praise them, is there something I shoild know... are they too expensive compared to the Local competition I.E REL, MJ Acoustics....


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The SVS website price in dollars for desired model.
Freight charges. (Obtained from their website or an e-mail enquiry)

(SVSub + freight charges) x 1.3 (Taxes)

(Taxes = UK (EEC standard?) Import tax of 4.5% + VAT on total including freight)

Convert new total to GBP (or your own currency) using online currency conversion website.

Put <convert dollars> into your browser to find one.

You now have a close figure for what it will cost to your door.

Still good value in my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

You can listen first if you can persuade a local SVS owner to give you a home demo (at his home not yours)

Hope this helps?



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thanxa for the info, just looked at the SVS website and saw the dimensions...Hmmm when I said I wasn't bothered about the size will 46inches tall and 16 inches in diameter I will definetly end up

I guess I will Have to find a dealer who has the M&K K10 and compare with the new REL Stampede and Strata 5 Models and the B&W675 and see how that goes if none of them really impress me I probably settle for the REL Quake as a tempory solution, and save up for M&K MX Series which I think Is amazing, is that a good idea?

Ian J

If you go down that route please bear in mind that whilst the MX-series are excellent subs there is plenty of competition in that price range too and you should listen to some of them at the appropriate time.


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Well thanks again for all you help and suggestions, I see if I can arrange a demo for those subs, and when the time comes for the MX series I'll be sure to listen to everything I can considering the cost involved. Just a quick question does anyone know a good 6-10 meter subwoofer cable to use something thin and small if possible.

Ian J

The best value subwoofer cable around is that sold by Mark Grant in our Powerbuy Forum. Top quality cable at ridiculously cheap prices here


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I am using one of Mark Grants digital interconnects but I haven't yet got one of his sub cables, although I probably will get one soon.
If you want 9 metres you are looking at £57 from Mark.
I am using an Ixos sub cable at the moment with decent results.
You can get an Ixos 9 metre cable from for £21.95.

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