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Hello all, thank you in advance to any and all who take the time to help this nooblet. This post has gotten long, and I apologize.

I received my Tusy 16' inflatable screen today from Amazon Warehouse for $120. It has dark smudges seemingly tattooed all over it - go figure.

Even before it arrived, I had been wondering if it were possible to replace that light-leaker, but searching around, I did not find any case of a person describing modifying their inflatable.
It's a material that:
doesn't seem to have any problem with wrinkling after having been rolled and folded and squeezed tightly into a carrying-bag,
is a bit stretchy and just a tiny bit shiny,
feels a little silky, aside from the stretchiness.
and supports both front and read projection.

I believe it is this exact same material Nozzco uses. The model looks identical all the way down to the fan except that my fan is five times as loud.

Is that enough information for you to be able to tell what kind of fabric it is? From what I've read about spandex, it seems like it could be spandex.

Here are my questions:

Could anyone offer advice about how to clean the screen? The gunk on it is clearly black smears from being packed with the inflatable fabric material and rubbing up against it. Wet rag didn't seem to help, even with a dab of soap.

If I can get this thing cleaned, do you think there would be a benefit to attaching a sheet of black spandex to the back? It would have to be stapled to the velcro, so there would be a 2.5mm gap between the black and white screens?

How about attaching a sheet of white spandex to the front? An extra layer means less less light leakage, and it could be helpful in masking the smudges if I can only clean this screen 95% off.

How about both together - black spandex under white spandex all stapled to the front of the screen, masking the current screen absolutely.

Wow, better yet -- is it possible for me to dye or paint this current screen black so that I could just put a white layer of spandex on top of it? The reason it is any question at all whether this can be painted (anything can be painted, right?) is that it will be rolled and folded every time I am finished using it. So I'm not sure that paint could survive this without "cracking."

<i>In general, can spandex survive rolling and re-folding without showing creases so long as it is stretched taut when in use?</i>

Most importantly, how on earth would I put spandex over this entire screen when it is about 80 inches high or so and spandex is sold in widths of 60 inches?

Seems to me like dying the whole thing black and then putting one white layer of spandex over the front, if this would work, would be the best option since I wouldn't have to worry about cleaning the screen.

Thank you so much

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