Please help me pick between the x6500h and

OK so, I had the 4300h and was going to get it again as I am setting up my HT room again.
I will have to get a used Denon 3803 or similar amp to drive my mains and use the other 4300h amps to drive my other speakers as I run a 7.2.4 atmos system.
I also have 3 subs and a jvc projector.
It seems even used prices for the 4300h are high.
I started thinking.. What if I get the 6500h instead?
Then I won't need the extra amp since that one is 11 amps already.
Plus I get a bit more power overall and some features I am curious about like imax enhanced or even auro3d.
Is Imax enhanced that big a deal in terms of sound?
I am looking at about $500 price difference to get the 6500h (minus the price of adding the amp for the 2 extra channels I will need for the 4300).


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You should be able to get a sufficient amp to power the extra 2 channels for less than $500. However, if the other features of the 6500h are also tempting, and if you don't need super loud volume, the 6500h might be better.

The bass sync, eARC, AL32, and extra power on
the 6500h might be worth it, not to mention a 1 box solution.

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