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    Rob Blignaut

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    Please help
    Any comments would be much appreciated.
    I'm trying to decide what digital camcorder to buy.

    - I will definately be using it with a PC for editing. (Firewire in/out)
    - Money is not realy an issue
    - I will be travelling with it so size is a factor.
    - I want the best I can get (My wife will only let me do this once)
    - Battery life is pretty important. Do some cameras and makes use better batteries?

    I've come up with a few options.
    Sony DCR-PC9
    Sony DCR-PC110 or 120 (won't use the bluetooth. Are the 110 and 120 better than the PC9???) Just can't figure it out from the reviews.
    Canon MVX1i (this may be too big???)

    Any other ideas?

    I'm going to go with whatever you say.

    Thanks in advance


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