Please Help Me - Its Driving Me Insane


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Ok people....i need some help.

I have a Vista PC with a Nvidia Geforce 7300le card.

I am outputting to my panasonic th42px60 from the dvi using a dvi-hdmi cable.

No matter what resolution i set it to and no matter what changes i make using powerstrip i can't get rid of the overscan which is about 5-10%

Media center seems 99% ok when playing back videos. but the desktop and anything else suffers. For example, i can only see a small section of the start bar and only part of start menu etc.

At first i thought it was something i was doing wrong, but then i connected my upscalling dvd player to the both hdmi inputs and video playback also suffers about 5% overscan.

After speaking to panasonic they said it was normal but there must be a way of fixing it.

Please people, im desperate.



choose the 4:3 aspect ratio,39030218,49261925,00.htm

One such channel shows video from the PC input. It's worth noting that, unlike the majority of flat-panel televisions, the TH42PX60 shows an entire PC screen -- as long as you input in the correct resolution (1,024x768 pixels) you won't see a single pixel of your computer image spilling over the side of the panel and out of view. The problem is, of course, that 1,024x768 is usually a 4:3 resolution; Panasonic uses rectangular pixels to make it 16:9. This is fine when you're using the other video inputs, but it means that it's difficult to get a properly proportioned PC picture on the screen without reverting to the 4:3 aspect ratio -- a shame, and worth noting if you're planning on hooking up your computer permanently or regularly.

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