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Please help me get thru this pch yamj wdmbwe situation!


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I am not able to find anyone with the same setup or if I do they are not mentioning the problem I am facing. I have ordered the pch a-200 with wifi adapter and expect them to arrive during next week. I want to get everything sorted and await there arrival being ready to play!

this is what I will be using

  • popcorn hour a-200
  • WN 150 wireless adapter for pch
  • western digital mybook world edition nas
  • yamj
  • windows xp
firstly I dont really know too much about any of this so if you are kind enough to help please treat me like a noob and assume I wont know what you are talking about as I will more than likely ask for it to be explained.

ok now that the embarrassing bit is out of the way I will let you know where I am.
I want to use my wdmbwe as a stand alone nas without the use of pc. I understand I need the pc to set this up and to update any files and that is fine.

I have been following this guide HERE

I have got to step 6 and have completly lost what the meaning is. It says I need to install Llink and Fun_plug
NOW.. they are using a different NAS in this tutorial so this is why the confusion crept in.. am I installing these on my pc or nas and if it is nas, which one do I need for my western digital mybook world edition?
It is a bit vaigue and I would like someone to point out exactly what it means so I can continue.

To be honest I think once I get past that I should be fine but I am sitting here breaking out in a sweat as I really dont know what its getting at.

has anyone got yamj running on same nas and are there any problems?
what should I pay more attention to?

one last thing, in that tut it mentions iso and dvd playback with this method may go pair shaped so if this is true then is there another option altogether??

please help I need to get this over with today as my only day off!

Thankyou for reading and please help if you can.



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You've made it much more complicated than it really is!!

The NAS your using is not suitable for that guide, you can't install llink or fun_plug onto it, and you don't need to either. That guide is written for NAS's that contain more than one HDD resulting in you needing multiple network shares. Your Mybook has one hard disk so you only need one share.

You plug your mybook into your router and create a network share to it from your PCH and a map a network drive to it from your PC, then you can follow this guide to setup YAMJ. http://www.avforums.com/forums/11530962-post7.html

Also what video's are you expecting to playback over the wireless adaptor, you may find you struggle to playback certain types (HD especially), its not really recommended to use wireless for playback.


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OH!! :laugh: WELL I was hoping that someone would say I was over analysing or making it more complicated than I needed to!

I havent started with HD movies yet so the biggest file size will be an uncompressed dvd as iso.. and I am considering converting them when I find my sweet spot with the whole conversion quality/size to mkv hoping I can keep the audio tracks and optional subtitles and chapters (I have done this a few times on pc and will find out if they work on the pch)

I will take a look at that link and see if it gets me anywhere. Thanks for the reply and bringing the good news that I was in the wrong path!! :lesson:

if I need any more help or if I find out how to do it I will post it here incase someone else is using same setup!

New Start Neil

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Can you not plug the NAS directly into the A200's USB port?

I know that kind if defeats the object of it being a NAS, but it will eliminate any streaming issues you may encounter.

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