Please help me find a used projector for my brother £1000-2000 budget.

Timmy C

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I'm looking for some tips on secondhand projectors for my brother. He lives in Singapore and his local dealer has recommended an Epson TW8200 at about £2000. He has a 12ft diagonal screen and approx 4.5 metre throw distance.

Now from what can make out this room is gonna be for occasional movie watching when his older kids visit, or cartoons for his newly born twins when they get a bit older and maybe the odd sporting event. I don't think he's even putting in a full surround set up...sounds like a big screen play room really. With that in mind I can't help but think buying a new PJ is silly given the way these things drop in price and have told him he could probably get something used in the UK, for half his budget, that would be more than good enough. The question is what? I've always been a fan of Sim2 but I'm very out of touch. I understand JVC are meant to be good? Given 4k/3D and the like are of no interest, what make/ models would you suggest we start searching the classifieds for?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

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