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Please help me decide...


Standard Member
Hi guys.

First of all thank you all for the valuable contribution you're doing!

Now, help me please. My problem is size. I've my mind set to buy another phillips lcd (I currently own a 32pfl9731, and I'm happy with it).

However, my heart is currently splitted in two now:

My heart wants big screen! Phillips 42pfl8404 is the choice, as it fits in my place with the table stand.

My heart wants quality! Phillips 37pf9664 is the choice. Smaller screen but outstanding performance. Unfortunately, both the 40 and 42 are just one centimeter larger than the place where I have to fit the set in.

The question in the end is, will I be able to notice the higher quality of the second set or will I enjoy larger images in the first one?

Please help me out if you're so kind. I will appreciate your expertise very much :)

Earl Gray

Standard Member
Hi Asenciop,

What are you planning on inputting to the TV ? Games consoles ? Blu-ray players ?

Personally for me, its always size that matters! However, if your going to be doing a lot of gaming and watching sport/fast moving action stuff, then you are going to want to think about the quality picture.


Earl Gray


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Blue Ray and DVD mainly. Movies only

Thanks for the reply :=)

Edit for adding: I also would like to experience Blueray in all its glory. I hardly notice a huge difference with my current set (32pfl9731) and a DVD...
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Hi. Have same dilemma! Sammie eh5000 40in or Pannie e5b 37in! I blame sellers like currys who don't really display tv's properly ie. no sports or sd. They just play blu ray which looks fab on all hd tv's. Its not until you get it home that you can really know how tele handles blur etc...The last thing you want is to show off your new tv to friends and family to then see smearing and ghosting! I asked in Currys and they said if I wasn't happy with Eh5000 they would allow me to exchange it for the Pannie so maybe thats my answer and yours too? Check with the seller to see if they allow exchanges. I guess there would be a handling fee though and I HATE the awkwardness of taking things back but at least I would have peace of mind!

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