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Please help me connect TV/DVD/SKY/AMPLIFIER :(

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by SeanyK, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. SeanyK

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    Sep 10, 2005
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    Hi folks, im new here so go easy! If I've posted this in the wrong place, mods feel free to move it to the correct area.. :eek: :hiya:

    The current setup is as follows;

    A 32" Toshiba Widescreen TV, not sure model number but its not relevant.
    SKY Digital
    Combi Video/DVD player
    Panasonic SCHT330 Home Cinema System.

    We just got the Panasonic today, and previously, the speakers that came with the Toshiba had been used as a surround setup.

    Ok, replaced speakers, wired them all in OK.

    The problem is what should the wiring to all the video's/dvd/sky be?

    At present it is;

    1X Scart from Video/DVD to Back of TV (Scart Socket 1)
    1X Scart from Videos 2nd Scart socket to SKY Digital's 'VCR IN' Scart Socket.
    1X Scart from Panasonic Amplifier to 2nd Scart Socket on back of TV.

    Aerials from outside going to sky box/tv/video/dvd as relevant.

    Now, the problem;

    When the Amplifier (Panasonic) is set to 'TV' the tv sound comes out fine=OK
    When Amp is set to 'VCR' and tv is on channel 5 playing a DVD or Video =OK
    When Amp is set to 'DVD' as it has a DVD player as well, there is No picture, only the sound that is coming from it.

    Is there a connection missing somewhere?

    I do have a Component input on the tv and output on the Amp, colour is Green Blue & Red.
    So I bought a component lead, but the colours on the lead are WHITE/RED/YELLOW!
    So I guess thats the wrong ones to use!

    I cant even access the setup menu on the amp to enable all the speakers to work, because without a picture displaying it wont work.

    Anyone have a solution here? :(

    Maybe if I bought an S-video lead, or a proper coloured component lead and went from the AMP to the TV it would solve it all?

    Any advice?

    Thanks in advance,

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