Please Help Me!! Computer Restarts When Playing GTA - GTX 1650 SUPER


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I was given a desktop for gaming and I can only use the browser and editing software.

I have two graphics cards - Integrated: Intel HD 4600 Added: Geforce GTX 1650 Super
I have 8GB Ram: Corsair Vengeance
Power supply: Thermaltake TR2 600W ATX 12V 2.3
Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 CPU 3.30GHz

When I turn on GTA, as soon as I spawn in session or story mode, it completely restarts and puts me at the windows sign in screen. I have even put the game on the lowest settings and I still have this issue. I even have the issue when playing not so demanding games after a while. For example Townscaper - I can play all day long and make really large builds. As soon as I leave the game and try to open said large build the system will just restart. PLEASE DONT GET ME STARTED ON TRYING TO PLAY SIMS 4. I even installed software to check to see if the pc is over heating. The hottest I have seen it get is 52C. After seeing this I set it in BIOS to where all of the fans are running constantly (I have 4 - on on CPU, one separate fan and two on the GeForce card). I have disabled the intel card and only used the GeForce card. Sometimes it will let me play but then a cut scene will start and the computer will just crap out and restart. Most times I cant even load in the game without it restarting. I have both disabled and uninstalled the GeForce card and only used the Intel card. That will allow the game to run but the frames per second is very low (16 - 24 fps). If I start playing and for example, I cause or am in an explosion, the computer will restart. If I reinstall GeForce it will have a higher frame rate but after I benchmark and try to play it just does the same thing.

I have been having this issue for quite some time. It used to run perfectly but now it's a mess. I am at my wits end and I am tired of fighting with this computer. My only solution is to buy a new system because idk what else to do. Could it be the GeForce Card? Are these components not a good match? What am I doing wrong? I am not very hardware savvy and fed up with this system. Is there any one who has dealt with my situation and would have some useful advice for me? I would hate to have to spend over $1000 just to play GTA again.


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9 times out of 10, restarts are caused by faulty ram, and GTA uses a hell of a lot of ram. It's the first place I would look.
You can test your ram and/or cpu with prime95


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RAM is my thought also, soon as game dips in the extra RAM needed -if there is a fault it will bomb out. I would test the memory as solar says, If you have a cd rom drive you can burn memtest to it then boot from it and run the tests.

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