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Feb 11, 2002
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I've narrowed down my list to these three

Fuji S5000
Olympus C750
Minolta Z1

I'm looking for a camera which will offer a simple point and shot mode for the rest of the family and a full manual override for me .
I understand all three offer this.

Which one will produce the best images ?
would I benefit in going for the 4megapixel Olympus ?
which has the best lens ?
Does the Fuji have the best continous shot option ?

please help , any input would be appreciated !
i have issues with all 3 cameras based on reviews here
Sorry :(

purple fringing and much more have a look !
Z1 is best of the 3.. its only 3mp tho

best of 2003

go for 4 mp yes definitly

best lens <Leica and continuous shooting try pana LC43
see my other post >> £400 pana Bargain for £179

"When you want more control just turn it to the Normal position and the full menu of options is at your disposal."

Not a very direct comparison

I've got a Z1 & my pal bought a Canon A70
I don't think the A70 comes close.

The S5000 seems very similar to the Z1
but the movie mode is half the resolution of the Z1.

Olympus seems very expensive for similar spec.

The Z1 lacks a panorama feature.

Z1 will accept Olympus addon lenses.

Z1 is not a pocket camera which suits me
& I think it's great.
z1 im not convinced !
if it directly affects pic qual altho steves review states
" no chromatic aberration (purple fringing) problems"
umm looks better than my 1st impressions..

• Too much purple fringing / chromatic aberrations ?
• Colors seem dull at default saturation
• Mediocre low light focusing (night shots did not come out, difficulties around the office)
• Sound in movie mode appears to be out of sync with video (640 x 480, 30 fps only?)

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