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Feb 16, 2004
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Newbie here - I currently subscribe to Home Cinema magazine and need to ask you a few questions.

Sorry if I sound amateurish but I really want to upgrade my AV system.

Currently I have the Pioneer PDP50-HDE Plasma display and a Pioneer “all-in-one” system (I think it’s the NSDV Something, it’s about 2 1/2 years old)

Display is good but I would like better sound.

So – this is what I thought:

1. The JPW Screen 6 Package speakers – as reviewed by Home Cinema Mag in Dec
2. I need a receiver, so is was thinking of the Sony STR-DB790
3. And a DVD Recorder – thinking of the JVC DR-M1

I haven’t got a massive budget but the above sounded OK? Any tips.. Do you think that’s the best receiver to go with the speakers?

Also, where is the most competitive place to buy this equipment?

Thanks people.
What is your total budget for amp and speakers? Are you looking for a sub sat system which will be ok for movies but poorer for music or larger standmount/book shelf speakers for overall quality. What size room is the set up in as you may benefit from floor standers if the room is large? Is the system only for movies or will you be using it more for music and for surround sound formats like sacd and dvd-a?
Thanks M8.. I will be looking to spend around £1,000, it will mainly be used for movies prob 80%, rest of the time for music, my living room is 16 ft x 12 ft, so it's a decent size.. I just chose the JPW speakers cos it had an amazing review in Home Cinema Mag and it's well in my budget £700 (if i shop around i would prob get for around £600 ish leaving room for a Receiver and DVD Recorder) - basically i was going to go for the Sony receiver because that also had a good review but am worried that it might not go with the speakers ? Thanks for your advice m8...
The JPW Screen 6 Package speakers received a very favourable review in HCC but I don't recall it being mentioned on the forum which is odd.

If it is still for sale at £700 that is a price with a lot of competition and unless you have some reason for wanting big floorstanders I would also suggest looking at KEF Eggs and J&M Sibs & Cub
Thanks Ian.. I like the idea of the floorstanders as it looks impressive.. am i right in saying that "floorstanders" are best for movies then ?

I saved the review as a pdf ... basically the summary of the review was:

HCC Highs: Superb vocal clarity;excellent dynamics; huge frequency extension; positively
ridiculous value for money
Lows: Nothing at all
Bass 1⁄2
Overall 1⁄2

Pretty good eh... Would the Sony STR-DB790 be OK with these speakers ??
The Sony would be fine with them but the only reason that I asked was that floorstanders tend to suit larger rooms better and aren't quite so easy to integrate with subwoofers.

If you intend to listen to them first I would suggest that you listen to a sub / sat setup as well just to make sure that the JPW set does suit you.

This offer may interest you
Also consider Infinity Oreus, Kef Eggs and Canton CD1/2.22.
If you can get to bristol this weekend you can see every speaker available (almost) in under one roof.
Amps from pioneer/ Yamaha and DVD recorders from Panasonic and Toshiba
£1000 for amp and speakers should get you a good set up. There are a lot of products on the market around this price range and the only way to get a set up you'll prefer is to go listen to the usual suspects. Reviews and oppinions are fine to create a short list to audition but you can only decide whats best to your ear. Most products are not better or worse just different and you need to find the formula of amp and speakers you like best. I'd look at Yammaha, Marantz, Denon and Nad amps as well as the sony and speaker wise I'd suggest you do some research on B&W, KEF, Warfdale and mission who all offer packages that perform admirably.:)
Thanks all of you for the advice.. I am from Bristol so i might pop over to see "orny Dragon".. i was going to choose a DVD Recorder so than i have the best of both worlds, it should play CD's and DVD's OK ... shouldn't it ?
Originally posted by dirkdiggler262
I am from Bristol so i might pop over to see "orny Dragon".. i was going to choose a DVD Recorder so than i have the best of both worlds, it should play CD's and DVD's OK ... shouldn't it ?

Any DVD Player will also play CDs as well as DVDs as it is part of the spec. A DVD Recorder will record onto DVD but they are more expensive and the reproduction won't be as good as a player. Most people buy them in addition to a player and as a replacement for a VCR.

If you are from Bristol you should make sure that you visit the annual Sound & Vision Exhibition in the Marriott Hotel this coming weekend. Everything worth listening to will be there and it is £7 worth spending if you are in the market.

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