Please help me choose between


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- Toshiba SD-350
- Philips 3010
- Pioneer 585
- LG DVX-9900H
(- Denon 1720)

Or any other in the 80-150£ range

My TV: Sony V32

My requirements:
- 576p through component or DVI or HDMI (or SCART RGB?)
- upscaling is nice, but I doubt that the scaler will be better than the televisions in this price class
- Full support of Xvid movies (meaning subtitles, multiple movies on DVD, packet bitstream)
- Proper PAL/NTSC playback, multiregion

Which would be best? I have seen a lot of good reports on all those, also some less, so...

thank you!



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i got my toshiba sd-350e yesterday on my new lcd and i cant believe the difference it has made picture quality wise from my old bose dvd player, which was good but it can not be compared to the sd350e, i connected it via the hdmi port.
ive seen a few different top dvd players and this definantly rates up with them if not better, very very happy with mine.
i was up half the night just checking out different dvd's to see the difference the player has made. it is unbeleiveable!


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Ive been comparing a Tosh 150, Pioneer 575 and phillips 720sa recently. I thought the tosh had the best picture. The pic is sharp but without too much edge enhancement, black is still black but retains detail and was good with motion too. Having said that I would be happy with any of them and I had to look very hard to see any differences. I spent about three days comparing them and at least for me, it takes a while of swapping players to come to a firm conclusion. Pic wise I would expect any of your choices to be on par.

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