please help me choose between these 4 tv sets


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Hi have currently got a phillips 37PF5521D and its not the best so i am going to upgrade a new tv from most probably the shortlist below and i would just like a few of your opinions of which would be best to help me decide please.

First of all my budget is around £1500 and the tv will be for my bedroom with me sitting about 12 feet away. I will be using the tv for mostly freeview/freeview hd, DVD's and football. I will be watching hardly and blurays and playing games about 2 hours a week.

Lastly i am not too fussed about 3d anymore after watching saw 3d at the pictures, i didnt like the glasses and found the picture blurry so i will wait a while before i adopt that tech.

Panasonic VIERA G20 Series 50 inch

Samsung LE55C650 55-inch

LG E8900 47 inch

LG PX990 50 inch

if there are any other tv's like these that would fit the bill please feel free to suggest them as i am still undecided.



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Have just finished setting up my 47LE8900. The image is quite good so far, i haven't started mucking around with the finer calibration controls but the presets are fairly decent.

Sound out of the speakers is (as you've probably already read :)) is a bit dicey, i've got mine hooked up to a Receiver and speaker system. External audio kit is a good idea.

Definitely get in-store and see if you can arrange demonstrations of at least one (if not all) of the sets you're looking at. Also great if you're able to view some good HD content on these as well, bluray or HD broadcasts, possibly a console if you're into gaming.

It's quite difficult choosing once you've waded through all of the available sets out there, but spend some time going over what you really want from the television and reading as much as you can about each set (and each manufacturer's strengths and weaknesses in production).


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Thanks for the response. That TV is the one i had my eye on first and very nearly bought but then after reading about viewing distances i thought it would be best for me to go for one of the fifty to fiftyfive inch sets instead which is what caused me to research a little more.

I am going to get a look at the sets in the shops which should hopefully finally make my mind up.


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Take your time in buying. Unless a particular set is a classic, as it sounds to me like the pioneer kuros were, you have nothing to lose in being hesitant about any purchase.

I saw a Panasonic v20 in selfridges and thought it was quite good, then stumbled over one of the Samsung c8000 sets and was blown away. Eventually, after all of the reviews, and all of the problems and issues experienced by people here and elsewhere with some of the sets I was auditioning, I just decided on the LG 47 inch set as the best choice out of an unruly bunch. :) Fewer issues based on feedback.

Retailers may try to play down or rubbish possible problems or faults with the hardware, Which is something I've found in hunting a set, but then keep in mind that they most likely wouldn't want to necessarily put you off any prospective purchase in any way.

It's easy for me to say that you need to make up your own mind and view each unit before deciding, but it would be impossible to find a situation where you could compare any and all of the televisions you'd like to in the same environment and at the same time.

For me, there was a bit of a leap of faith at the end of my search ;)

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