Please help me choose a cartridge


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I need to choose a replacement cartridge and I would like your recommendations, please. My current system is thus:

- Pro-Ject Debut III Audiophile turntable
- Pro-Ject Phono Box phono stage
- Naim NAIT 5si amplifier
- Monitor Audio Radius 90 speakers (to be upgraded shortly)

I listen to rock and heavier records. Budget is up to £120 but can add a little extra for a really special cartridge.

Thank you in advance.


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At that price point I would not look further than the AT VM95ML, I had this on a linn axis and really enjoyed it, great detail retrieval, not the usual brightness from AT very even tone, and best of all the reports suggest it is kind to the records and has a long life. These are around £129 iirc.



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Slightly over budget, but i'd consider the Nagaoka MP110. Had it on a Debut Carbon and it sounded lovely.


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Also consider Goldring 1006 slightly over budget...
This allows future upgrades of only stylus up to the Gyger S of the 1042 keeping the cartridge of the 1006 (shared across the range).
I was really impressed by the Goldring 1042 upgrading from the AT VM95 range.
Should allow you to scratch your upgrade itch as needed for a good 5 to 10 years... :)

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