please help me build new pc


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Hi first of all thanks for taking the time to view my new thread :)

looking to build a new pc that be upgradeable in the future.

items i already have
i have windows 7 32/64
blueray drive

and then a total of £430 to spend

i was looking to get i5 750 but when i started adding all up seems i left me with very little for a graphics card:(
would like to view pc on 42" tv at times

i would prefer intel, always found them to be more stable but but very welcome to options
ps this is my first post do i get free delivery with scan?
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i think your best getting something like a 5770 for graphics pretty mid range card and for quite a bit less than the price of that processor you can get an amd phenom x4 or x6 which will probably match upto that,very easy to overclock without becoming unstable


Gaming or not? As for AMD, early AMD's were unstable I give you that (k2's) But got a couple of AMD X2 Athlon 64's and rock stable. Nothing to worry about.

For cheaper systems go for a AMD dual core 2.5ghz+ will be plenty. For gaming get dual/quad core Intel. If you're just building a HTPC a basic ATI 4xxx/5xxx GPU will be plenty. Or even onboard.

No need for quad or six core for net/htpc.


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Connecting your PC to the TV wont be an issue, as most of the graphics cards you will be able to choose from will have an HDMI port.

You wont have be able to get free shipping from scan yet, i think you need to have a total of 20 posts to qualify for that offer.

As Berties already asked, the important question is whether you require this to be a gaming machine or not.
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