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Hello all,

First time posting. I am no novice so be gentle please. I have been lurking on this board and it has helped me so much. Such a great virtual community.

I am building a media room. About 18X19. I am not going to close it up until the kids are older, so I have to go in-wall. It is carpeted and is white (which I can change). I will close it off when the kids get older. I have dry wall and the comments will be placed in a nearby closet

So far, the equipment I have decided on is as follows

  1. Epson 5030 projector- waiting for 4k to drop in price
  2. L/R probably center speakers- DT UIW RLS II
  3. maybe 4 Surround speakers UIW RLS III (maybe overkill) so may do a lower model
  4. SW (probably 2) either IWSub 10/10 with DT SubAmp 600 or may go external for the subs with a SVS model.
  5. I already have a blu ray which streams, Pioneer Elite VSX 94 VSX-94TXH (may upgrade Have the SC 81 up stairs but need it for 4k) and will be getting the new generation apple tv.
  6. I have about 9tb which are wired of music on hard drives with a lot of HQ Flacs ( back them up but I will need to connect 2 HD at a time with at least 4tb (also does have some movies on it) I use Kodi (XBMC) Or VLC, sometimes Plex.
  7. For the HDs I use Nvidia shield tv but may want something better. I have a Matricom G-Box Q Quad/Octo Core XBMC/Kodi Android TV Box [2GB/16GB/4K] but i never hooked it up
  8. I may use my MSI Computer Corp. GT60 2OKWS 3K-615US;9S7-16F441-615 15.6-Inch Laptop or may buy a mac mini for my HDs all for a HTPC
  9. room has light but getting black out shades and are in the basement (more info can be provided). I will work on the lighting latter but it does have a fire place which should not interfere with the setup (but maybe the sound) I will close it off later when the kids grow up more. They mainly play in the adjacent room around the corner.
  10. may also get a turntable
  11. I will also be getting a tensioned controlled motorized screen (probably around 120’)
  12. I may opt of acoustic transparent because it will probably be more ideal for the room. I would have to put a horizontal center channel near the floor and with AT I can
  13. I will be using all this for music, movies and tv


  1. Comments about the setup would be appreciated.
  2. recommendations for a motorized tensioned 120 screen? Thinking about acoustic transparent? How much does the later effect the sound? ( i would like reasonable priced recommendations and some that are a little more expensive $1500 to 2500 maybe beyond in 3k 4k range) I was recommend the EPV Peregrine Tension
  3. Do I need preamp? I am not familiar with preamps and my receiver has outs for them. I am concerned, and do not know much about this subject, that if i plug in 1 channel or 2 channel preamps, I will lose surround sound.
  4. what can I do to get the most out of my Hard Drives? do you recommend a DAC and/or something else? am I fine? and amps or a/v receiver that would help? probably have to plug it into a computer because I need something that will organize and recognize all that memory. should i use the laptop mentioned above? It also has to be controllable by a universal remote
  5. The components will be in a closet. Do i need a fan or some kind of ventilation? I probably need power filtration- which one would suit this system?
  6. Which sub should I go with
  7. reasonably priced turntable suggestions?
  8. Also, upstairs, I will probably have to get a 5.0 sounder. I have a PE sc 81 which i would plug it into. suggestions for a SB around 500-2000 (best bang for my buck)?
Sorry this is so long and Thank you for what you already posted in this MB and any comments you can provide.

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