Question Please help! Jamo D7 Sub Setup issues


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I've just finished my new cinema set up, but I'm having problems with the sub set up. I'm hoping that I'm just doing something wrong, and that someone here can please please please help me before I cry.

I'm running a Onkyo TX-SR875 AVR, Jamo D600 LCR and Surrounds, and Jamo D7 sub.

The D7 sub I have had from new, and has always been the absolute highlight of any of my previous installs. Big, powerful, clear, punchy bass - always put a grin on my face.

I connected everything up last night, and tried to use the AVR inbuilt automatic setup but it wouldn't find the sub - it does have a note in the manual saying that is not uncommon, and to do a manual set up which is what I have done. Fairly straight forward for mine - measured speaker distances, set the cut offs to 80Hz for the D600s. Then on the D7 sub I connected it on the "direct" input, set the phase to 0 and the Freq cut off to "THX".

However, what I am finding is that it sounds awful. Mid range bass is nice and punchy, but anything low is just.... boomy and kinda rumbly (not in a good way).

I have tried adjusting the frequency cut off but that doesn't seem to make much difference, and lowering the volume with the round dial on top doesn't seem to help either.

I realise that it's a different room to the ones I've used it in before, but all of those were very different and it still performed amazingly, if it is the room, how would I know?

Any advice? Please? :'(


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Hi, thanks for the reply - unless I've missed a setting somewhere (which is possible) I've not seen an option of that - just to set the frequency cut off. The 5 D600s sound OK, it's just the sub that is wrong, from what I can tell. (From having my face up against it!!)

It is the first time I've used this amp though so I'll fire it up again and have another look...

Is there a way that I can cut out the very low frequencies to the sub? Seems like a bit of a desperate workaround though.

I've never ever managed to overdrive this sub before, but that is what it sounds like :(


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Where is the sub positioned in the room? Try moving it to say the centre of the room and see if it still sounds the same there. This should then tell you if it is a room issue/placement issue or not.


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The sub is front , between the centre and left front. I did wonder about that, problem is I can't move it that easily on my own so I'll have to wait for an unsuspecting friend to drop by.

I've had a bit more of a look this afternoon. Unless I'm really missing something, there isn't a small/large speaker setting, I've attached a couple of pics of the menu options.

I've set everything back to 0, and turned on the BGC on the AVR, and then turned down the output to the sub to -2db. I think it's a bit better, some scenes are still a bit boomy though.

Equally, I think it might need some tweaking elsewhere - of example the scene in Fast and Furious at the end where Dom's car flips over, on my last set up you really noticed the sound going up and over your head, but not so much now. Would I b e right in saying that I need some kind of magical device to pick up and tell me what frequencies are good/bad/peaking/etc?


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