Please help I have to order today!


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:lease:I've been offered the three deals below. I have (will have) a 500M. I will be feeding Sky HD, ps3, xbox360 into the receiver. I have monitor radius speakers in a 5.1 system bought a couple of years ago and standard (thin) speaker cabling connected to them which I can’t change.
I can realistically afford all three at a stretch but will I, not an expert, really be able to tell the difference between any of these three below? They all do 1080P so the picture to the 500M will be the same right? Just how much better is the Yamaha DSPZ7? Will the DSPAX863 suffice as it's got all I need?

Thanks very much in advance!:clap:

Yamaha DSPAX863 £510
Yamaha RXV1900 £868
DSP Z7 £1700


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I should also say that I have a RX2600 at present… if I split it for the PS3 (as in 1080P picture goes straight to 500m) is this just as good anyway? I'm not great with amplifiers!:hiya:


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The DSP-AX863 has three HDMI which covers your current kit (though I believe Sky HD will also need an optical connection for audio, which is also covered).

Can't comment on how much better the others sound, it will also depend on your speakers (and I'm not sure exactly what there worth). As a rule spend roughly the same (or a little little less) on the amp.



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Why aren't you demo'ing? That's an awful lot of money to spend on an amp without hearing if they sound okay with your speakers. I'm sure all would be fine with a Radius setup but at the same time, I'm sure they will sound better, the higher up the amplification you go. The 1900 would be my pick but that's only because the Z7 isn't on my price radar and tbh, if I had that much money to spend, I would probably go with separates, as good as the Z7 is. Have you actually found somewhere that stocks those three? ! ! ! !


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Thanks for the responses. No place near me to demo and don’t have time. Therefore I just checked as many reviews as possible, not perfect but good enough for me

Have found someone who can get me all three as going through an interior designer (weird I know but makes things easier for me) and assume they are getting from wholesaler and adding a bit on top!

Thanks for your advice any other comments would be great

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