please help i am going mad... (WAP54g linksys AP)


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i am trying to get my access point working and failing miserably.

as far as i can tell i have done it all correctly

WAP54g AP, with 3.05 firmware
IP addy default (
static IP
gateway (

SSID INET2 (my network name)
WPA security WPA-Personal, passphrase matches the password in my router
key renewal defauly (300s)

(but i tried disabling all security)

Router D=LINK DSL-G624T
WPA security (it only says WPA and the PSK HEX has the password i used in my AP (i also tried it in PSK string)

both are on channel 6.

i have manually set the pc i want to conect to the AP and ultimately the net to
with the gateway set to

but no joy.

using a straight through cable i can get to all the settings when connected to my router

using a cross over i can conect to the AP when plugged into my pc, but i cant get the PC to conect to the router it seems.

please help am losing my hair.

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Just having a quick look it seems that you're trying to connecet the router to computer using crossover? It should be straight through unless you have an uplink port.

Forget that, read it again and I think it was wirelessly you weren't connecting. Sorry :)

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