Please help get rid of my Humax 9200 & restore my sanity!

Kermit Power

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Hello folks,

A couple of years ago, we decided that we really couldn't justify the monthly cost of Sky+, so replaced that with a Humax 9200T.

Now, I still can't justify the cost of Sky, and the Humax has paid for itself at least 2 times over since we got it, but it is driving me absolutely nuts!

I really want to replace it, but I'm not sure what with?

Some background...

Firstly, what annoys me about the 9200T?

- Only being able to schedule 25 programmes to record at any one time. With a wife and 3 different age children, it's amazing how quickly we fill them up.

- Dropping series records from the schedule part way through the series. This is, I think, a common issue?

- Not dropping series records from the schedule at the end of the series.

- Randomly deciding not to record anything, despite them appearing in the list of recorded programmes.

Most of these are solved by a hard reset, but it's still bloody annoying to discover we've missed the final part of a series or something!

Now, what do I want in a replacement?

I'm still looking for a SD Freeview recorder, not Freesat. It's going via my Yamaha amp into a CRT TV, so in the perfect world, it will have component output, and I would definitely want optical output.

It needs to work with my Harmony One remote (lovely, lovely, lovely), but I can check this once I have suggestions.

It needs to have twin tuners.

Other than that, it just needs to work reliably! :D Does the 9300T actually work, or would I have similar problems with that?

I've seen mention of Topfield boxes being a bit rubbish out of the box, but then being transformed into the best thing since sliced bread. How technical is this to do? Also, once it is done, does it complicate the day to day operation of the box?

Sorry for the huge, long post!

Kermit Power

Standard Member
Just thought of another point of frustration...

I'd like to be able to see more than just 5 channels at a time on the EPG or whatever it is on the 9200, and also strip out any channels that I never use.

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